Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Friday, June 24, 2016

Mini Maps: Ceres Class Frigate

This is a collection of maps and designs I've shown off here and there, but never, I think, all in one place.  The Ceres-class Frigate is designed to fit the stats published in Starships &Spacemen 2e, pg. 45.  So here we are: spaceship.  Enjoy!

Exterior orthos
Perspective of the landed Ceres
The gravity is a little odd: it uses the artificial gravity field as an inertal compensator.  That's why it lands upside down.

The larger of the two decks houses the Bridge, torpedo room, beam bank control, shuttle bay, arboretums, and the crew quarters, teleporter, sickbay, main airlock, galley, brig...just about everything, really.

The second deck contains the water tanks,life support, labs, computer core, fabricators, escape pods, and of course, the landing legs and machinery.