Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hello out there in Internet land!  I am Ray "RocketDad" McVay and this blog is about my RPG company, Blue Max Studios.  We are currently producing supplements and other resources for the recently released-to-the-public OpenD6 rules engine (used by such winners as the original Star Wars, TORG, and Septimus).

Our main focus for our 2010-2011 product run is the hard science fiction game The Black Desert.  While the campaign setting for Black Desert won't be released until next spring, we are offering supplements in the form of our Ships of the Black Desert series (samples in the sidebar) and bonus excerpts.  All of our products are available exclusively at

This blog won't only be about company news.  Blue Max Studios is also beginning a series of articles about spacecraft design, world building, and other guides to the incredible and under appreciated world of hard science fiction.  Look for content updates Monday through Friday on this page.

That's about all I have prepared for you today, folks.  Enjoy the pics, and I'll see you tomorrow!

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