Monday, March 12, 2012

A Plague on our House!

           Maybe not really, but it sure seems that way.  The kids have had pink eye all week, and found out the hard way that we have poison ivy growing around our home.  Debra (my wife) and I are not, in fact allergic to poison ivy, which is a blessing as it has allowed me to tend the kidlets without getting all itchy myself.  That being said, Debra and I are not immune to the plagues, as her wicked fever has given her yet another case of bronchitis.  I also have had a fever this weekend.

           All of this is excuse-making for why I haven't gotten a thing done on the Allie B. In addition, many of the patterns (including my battle map grid) and other files didn't transfer when I swapped computers, so I've got to rebuild my stuff before significant progress can be made.  For all of these reasons, the release date for the Alan B. Shepard is moved back to April 1st.

           I hate to do it, RocketFans, but sick writing = crappy writing, and you deserve better than that.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Preview: The Alan B. Shepard

March Preview:  The Alan B. Shepard
           As promised, RocketFans, this month's offering is going to be our first Interplanetary Vehicle.  This is the Alan B. Shepard class Escort, of which I've discussed before and designed months ago.  The interior space is huge compared to most of my rockets, so this PDF will probably be pretty lengthy.  In addition, a lot of the work I've done on the blog regarding the Mission Control Model will be featured as well, and there will be a whole section on traveling between worlds included.  This could take some time, but I'm on track and have already made a lot of progress.  Anyway, there may or may not be any 3D artwork in this PDF; it depends on time more than anything else.  I'm hoping to take the ship design I already have and pull it into the third dimension.  If I manage to get that done in time for publication, this will be the first CG spacecraft we've offered.  All in all, it looks to be an exciting month.
The Inside.
The Outside.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Thank You to All RocketFans

A Thank You to All RocketFans

            I had intended to post earlier in the week about the wild success we've had with The Pumpkin-Suit's Manual - which has easily broken all sales records among The Black Desert products - but I was delayed.  As I've mentioned a few times, the largest stumbling block on the project was the lack of processing power my computer had and the difficulties this caused on making artwork for the P-SM.  In addition, I also had a lot trouble getting the PDF uploaded to RPGNow, so I had to resort to personally emailing copies from the master files to those who couldn't download the product during it's first days on sale.  Fortunately, these problems have been resolved, and everyone who bought a copy of The Pumpkin-Suit's Manual has now received one.

           Anyway, the reason I hadn't posted this week is because of all of you.  That isn't a blame thing, let me assure you; it is in fact a sincere thank you.  You see, with the money I made off of the sale of the P-SM, I was able to purchsce a new computer.  It's just a simple e Machine, nothing fancy, but the processors are more than powerful enough to let me continue making 3D artwork for future projects.  This also means that I now have Windows running on my primary computer again.  Not that I have any loyalty to the brand, but since I have a couple of grand worth of top-shelf programs I got for free  (Thanks Daz Studio!) It means I can actually run them on my main computer, along with everything else.

           What all of this means is that I'm able to expand and increase the quality of my work because of the support of my fans.  We're reaching the kind of symbiotic relationship that an artist has with their patrons, and I am very thankful for that support and proud that you think so highly of my work.

            Thing are going to be smoother, faster, and fancier from here on out.   You made it happen.  Thanks again.