Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Preview: The Alan B. Shepard

March Preview:  The Alan B. Shepard
           As promised, RocketFans, this month's offering is going to be our first Interplanetary Vehicle.  This is the Alan B. Shepard class Escort, of which I've discussed before and designed months ago.  The interior space is huge compared to most of my rockets, so this PDF will probably be pretty lengthy.  In addition, a lot of the work I've done on the blog regarding the Mission Control Model will be featured as well, and there will be a whole section on traveling between worlds included.  This could take some time, but I'm on track and have already made a lot of progress.  Anyway, there may or may not be any 3D artwork in this PDF; it depends on time more than anything else.  I'm hoping to take the ship design I already have and pull it into the third dimension.  If I manage to get that done in time for publication, this will be the first CG spacecraft we've offered.  All in all, it looks to be an exciting month.
The Inside.
The Outside.

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