Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ships of the Black Desert March Reveal...

          Introducing the first of our designs from the Siberian Empire, The Vojaĝi-Rocket!
That not actually a window; it's the avionics.

          This is also the first of our spacecraft that was designed in 3D.  It was a necessity; the curves were complex enough that I wanted to make sure that everything would fit together.  These are low-poly images made using the shockingly advanced free program Blender.  I highly recommend getting this program if you want to learn CG art/animation without spending thousands on Maya.  Because it's free; did I mention that?
Window's under the chin, facing the belly.

       Anyway, I haven't managed to bet my email unlocked;rather than moan an complain, I've simply made another one!  You can reach us now at  which should be easy to remember for all us, myself included.

           That's all I've got today, RocketFans; tomorrow should see the next "Spacecraft Spotlight" and then we'll get working on some more SF ship-like goodness.  See you later!

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