Friday, May 6, 2011

Character Sheet: Final Design?

          I've received a lot of good suggestions about the Character Sheet and have modified it accordingly. 

          One of the most common comments about the first version of the Sheet I posted was that there were not enough Combat Displays for different weapons.  The Black Desert setting isn't really all that combat heavy, in my opinion, but I want to make things open enough that my more blood-thirsty fans can pack a lotta heat if they like.  There fore, there are two Ranged Displays and two Melee Displays on the current version.  In addition, I changed the Displays' design to make it a little easier to record info in - especially since the Displays are now smaller.

          I also modified the Defense Display to take up less room, added an Ammo Tracker, and made the Damage Tracker larger.

          Anyway, here is the new version:

          Today is the last day to comment on the Character Sheet before I publish the PDF on RPGNow.  I will continue to listen to comments and stuff, of course; the final version will not be set in stone until December, when the Core Book is published.
           Anyway, that wraps up another week, RocketFans!  Monday, we will kick off with a look at Artifical Gravity and some plans I have to make spin habs that aren't quite as big a maintenance nightmare.

           BTW: For those who qualify, Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Well, having just skimmed the first version's post and looking at this one here, I can say that it looks good.

    This by the way is semi-pro Bureaucracy-6 skill and graphic design skills, but yeah, it very much works. I could navigate it easily and the basic ideas were present sans the rules.

    Excellent work.


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