Friday, December 2, 2011

The Black Desert Primer Available Now!

          I finally got the PDF to upload, so now a RocketFans may see the fruits of my labors.  It took over thirty pages to even scratch the surface of The Black Desert, but with what I have available today anyone can play a game in the setting using any rule system.
          On the 16th, We'll be putting out The Black Desert: Species for sale, which will have racial stats and backgrounds on all of the playable species in the setting.  The stats will be available in Classic D6, BD6, and D20, so there are lots of options available for those who wish to play.


  1. What? No GURPS? Or FATE?
    I kid. Fans have to do something.

  2. Just read the whole thing, it's awesome!

    However there are some jarring typos. A few I can remember: PG.30, second sentence of first paragraph of 'Magnetic Sails' it says "fasted" instead of faster; PG.14 the first sentence it says "exhibitions" instead of expeditions. There are a few others, suffice it to say it could use a little bit more proof reading.

    Dang, I didn't want this comment to be dominated by criticism; I really did enjoy reading it and I'm excited to see what's coming next!

  3. Sorry about that...I'll fix it when I have a chance. Once the improved PDF is uploaded, everybody should receive an announcement.

    Still, glad you like the setting!

  4. Ray, gotta agree with the Marktheother - it will benefit from additional eyes going over it (by now you should have gotten the e-mail). When you get closer to stitching it all together, you might want to contact Santiago @ He's a freelance writer with editing experience that BD could benefit from.


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