Monday, January 9, 2012

CASSTOR Prieview 2: Now with Optional Second Stage!

Not an Ares.

"The Optional Second-Stage (OSS) upgrade, which has become standard on modern CASSTORs, allowed the spacecraft to achieve trans-lunar injection speeds while carrying everything from habitats to fusion plants for the new ships. This increased cargo capacity, when combined with the L-Drive propulsion system gave the American aerospace industry an advantage it lacked with the older Marquisa Gras transport, which used chemical rockets and were unarmed."

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  1. Mangaka2170 wrote:

    "Looks too advanced to be an Ares V.

    I think it's really interesting that although we're both doing hard (or at least firm) sci-fi settings, our spaceships look almost nothing alike.

    Speaking of, you'll finally get to see those Kestrel pics I promised next week. Unless I manage to screw up royally (and I wouldn't put it past me, since I'm not all that good at drawing machines), it will be awesome."


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