Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ah, Ha!...Oh, Crap!

Ah ha!...Oh, Crap!

Just stumbled upon this article that tells how a team of Makers are currently developing a Fabricator that can print organic molecules, including pharmaceuticals.  If you'll recall, RocketFans, I mentioned that Conestoga Rovers boasted fabbers that were equipped with this ability.  The industrial implications of your local Walmart being able to print your prescription as easily as the photo-shop can print your memories pales in comparison to the social implications.  Think about what meth labs would look like in the future...

Or here's a real fun example:  One of the petty warlords in central Africa makes a deal with, say, a Chinese electronics firm, where the warlord will guarantee palladium shipments for two years in exchange for the fabber templates that China will have surely retro-engineered by then of the latest HIV treatments meds.

What do you call said warlord?  Possibly the first ruler of all of Africa.


  1. Glad to see you back Ray.

    Add in advanced pharmacopia (way head of anything we've got) and it gets frightening. Brain benders, things that actually enhance creativity (or other neural functions), or damp them down (executive function) and other things.

  2. As some of the comments on the article stated, the biggest problem would be storing the "inks" and using them in a way that wouldn't explode at the first short circuit (which is actually quite difficult with hydrogen, because its molecules are small enough to wiggle their way through the gaps between the molecules that make up the container).

    But, yeah. This would be an amazingly powerful technology if it can be made it work.

  3. And folks are freaking about the guys Making a plastic firearm, yet this is the Maker tech that scares me. Bio weapons are far more dangerous than a mere firearm.


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