Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Building a Space Navy: Recommended Reading

Greetings Rocketfans!

Still developing some more material for the Conjunction settings "navy",  so I don't have much new material to post.  That being said, it occurs to me that some of the research sources I've been using would be of interest.

Obviously, the Honor Harrington books and source material is not only good reading for the subject of building a space navy, it's the inspiration for this article.  So, yeah, read it for the Navy, stay for the story.

You remember the sacred chart,
don't you?
The book I was thinking of when I decided to post this article was from a tried and true source: One of the many hundreds of books written for the Traveller RPGSpecifically, I'm referring to the Mongoose Traveller supplement, Sector Fleet.  Quite simply its the sacred chart worked out to it's fullest logical extension for the Official Traveller Universe (OTU).  

I've looked through this supplement extensively, and it pretty much covers everything.  It covers things I hadn't even thought of yet, like the care and feeding of a mothball fleet, the difference between a Navy depot and Navy base, and the official procedures involved in granting leave and liberty.  Some of the information, such as recruitment and training, is germane to my current work and story ideas (i.e.: the Conjunction webcomic). 

Make. Your. Friend.
What I love about the Sector Fleet source book most is something that I pointed out at the beginning of the "Building a Space Navy" series:  The information in the book tells you almost everything you need to know to understand the Traveller OTU.  You could write fiction, outline campaigns, and even make a go at running the game in a system you're already proficient in based just on the information therein.  Even if you were a D6 or D20 fanatic like me, you could run a Traveller game with just this resource and your enflamed imagination to fill in the gaps.

That's a damn good book, right there.


  1. Dangnabbit! I still don't have a copy of Mercenary (2d Ed.) and that I wrote for and here you are telling me this is the Supplement for me. Grrrr. Thanks. :)

  2. Well, both Mongoose and my local hobby store got a sale thanks to this post. I had initially been looking it over and had initially dismissed it (it on the face didn't seem to have that much of relevance, and this was during their boxing day sales too!).

    Oh well, the local store can always use a few more bucks :)


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