Monday, February 9, 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different...

I think I've figured out a way to dungeon-crawl a Star Destroyer using geomorph cards and random tables.  Could take a while to develop, but I see potential.
Please realize that these are just preliminary notes, so things are subject to change:

Think you can map this?
Challenge Accepted!
-There will be a collection of cards, three large maps, and a booklet full of tables and stats.
-There will 24 cards, in alphabetical order...each card is lettered.  -There are also three "big map" cards to put in the deck.
-Each card had 6 corridors on the edges.

How to use:
-Shuffle deck, pull cards.
-Roll 2D6:  line the numbered corridors up.
-Look up the geomorph's letter in the booklet, use the random tables.
-If you get a Big Map card, put the big map down.
-The Big Maps will be of the Command deck, Engineering, and the Hanger.
-There will be lots of possible NPC encounters, as well as puzzles, hazards and obstacles.  Even if you make several copies of each card (which you could) the encounters can be completely different.
-Logic should be used in place of randomization when appropriate (ex: A garbage masher should be one deck below the detention area, no matter what the dice or the deck say)
-There will be some "cul-de-sac" cards and cards with non-standard corridors for variety.
-The NPCs will also be on cards, for ease of use during play.
-There will also be a few "recommended combos" of the geomorphs and maps to represent large ships, smaller ships, and bases.

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