Thursday, August 6, 2015

Publishing Date Announced!

That's right, RocketFans, work has continued at a feverish pace to the point that I can confidently announce a publication date for our next book, The ABCs of Space Opera Vol. 1: A-L.  The volume will be available for sale on September 1st.  Our asking price will be $10.00.  The price is higher than most of our offerings, but the length is a lot longer- we're looking at 104 so far, and that's before the technical stuff and forward and contents page.  In other words, over of hundred pages of content.

Of course, my $5.00 Patrons on Paetron get this book at no charge.  Along with the previous 22 books, and all future books.  It's what you call a bargain.

The remainder of the month we, will be focusing on the book and showing off previews and exerts.  After that, we'll return to Tugs and other topics as I furiously work on the next book.  But for now, enjoy!

Fear my giant head!

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