Monday, April 4, 2016

A - to - Z Blog Challenge: C is for Call to Arms

Call to Arms

    “I, 3Vonday Ginal, late of Foreign Office and by His Majesty’s and our late Prime Minister’s declaration now Minister of State, address all citizens, subjects and armed forces of our Monarchy, the third to rule the Gleise Territories, both within and without, who by fate and provedence can recieve this message.
    “It is true that the territory of our Third Monarchy; it’s planets and moons, it’s stars and gates, are now in the hands of the Stellar Administration, delivered without protest or resistance by 5Talia Norn, acting as Prime.  It is true that the only shots fired in anger by our fleets and planetary defences have been against not AdStar, but those spacers and espaciers among our His Majesty’s loyal forces that did not accept the order to surrender. It is also true that the last transmission of His Majesty before the suspicious destruction of the Royal Flagship was a call for Prime Norn’s dismissal, and the dissolution of the Parliment in favor of Emergency Succession.  As Prime Norn had not named a Deputy Minister after her own elevation to MiniPrime, and as the Minister of State is next in Emergency Succession, I will acceed to His Majesty’s last command and accept the position of Prime Minister of the Third Gleise Monarcy for the duration of the current emegency.  Appended to this message is an official copy my bona fides, bearing the Royal Cipher.
    “Our great star nation was founded on the principle of freedom to the farthest extent possible while preserving for our prosterity the necessary machinery and inrastructure for quality of life in space.  This dedication, this resolve to take the hard vector of balancing the best of all our qualities, has on occassion led to excesses and abuses by those who seek to take advantage of their neighbors and His Majesty’s benevolence, but has also allowed our subjects opportunities to advance, to live and to live again, unrealized by other polities.
    “The Stellar Adminisration is one such polity.  They do not believe in freedom balanced with husbandry, nor in self-determination within the bounds of rational community.  The Stellar Administration believes that only they know how to organize and shepard space habitats, and see the Crown Jewel of our Monarchy, our garden Throneworld, as a pit of decadence and waste of resources.  Make no mistake, our nation’s Throne will be pillaged for it’s riches and what’s left preserved for the elites of AdStar.
    “There are many who believe that the war is already lost, that the fact AdStar occupies our worlds and stars means defeat.  Do not believe it!  As many or our citizens live outside our polity as within it.  Our mighty fleets on long patrols, or escorting our commerce through space, are free in open space.  Free to join each other.  Free to fight.
    “And fight we will. Even now, I am en route to join with the King’s Own Fleet, to regroup and prepare to show the Stellar Administration that a people who are allowed to decide weather or not to fight will surely fight to defend that right.
    “I, 3Vonday Ginal, currently in space aboard my command ship Varangian, invite the officers and His Majesty’s soldiers who are located within our territory or without, with their weapons or without, I invite the engineers, pilots and the specialised workers of the armament industries who are located within our territory or without, to put themselves in contact with me.
    "Whatever happens, the light of our resistance must not be extinguished and will not be extinguished. Tomorrow, as today, I will transmit from Varangian, Flagship of the 3Gleise Free Forces”     

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