Friday, October 14, 2016

Alternate Metaphysics Mechanics for Open D6 Part IV: Book Outline

     While it's true that I'm occupied primarily with Iso grid maps at the moment and my Hard SF Conjunction setting in the longer term, I haven't abandoned my work on making a new system for the use of Metaphysics in Open D6.  In fact, I've finished up an outline for an entire book!  Have a look-see, and let me know what you think.  I hope to move forward (even if its a paragraph at a time) in the coming months, so any comments would be valuable.  Hope you enjoy!

Opposing Force: Alternate Metaphysics Rules for Open D6

  1. Wielding Fate: Fate Points as the basis of the Metaphysics system
    1. The Big Change: A New Mechanic
      1. Sidebar: Fate binds all living things...
    2. Doing the Impossible: New Difficulty Levels
      1. Impossible: 40+
      2. Setting Difficulties
        1. Sidebar: Difficulty the easy way
      3. Examples
    3. Anything is Possible: Powers without Powers
      1. Powers as extensions of regular Skills
        1. Keeping Fate boosted Skills “Up”
        2. Examples
      2. Sidebar: Can regular people wield Fate?
    4. Wages of Fate: Fate Points in the new system
      1. Not so Different…
        1. Regaining spent Fate Points
      2. Sidebar: Fate and Codes
    5. Children of Fate: New Aliens and Changes to Old Ones
      1. New Stat: Fate Resistance
      2. Sidebar: Free Will versus Fate
  2. Wielders of Fate: New Organizations and Codes
    1. The House of Norn
      1. History of House Norn
      2. The Code of Norn
      3. Prominent Figures
    2. The Astartian Grenadiers
      1. History of the Grenadiers
      2. The Code of Astartia
      3. Prominent Figures
    3. Creating your own Wielders of Fate
      1. Concept
      2. Code
      3. Template
  3. Dueling Fates: New Weapons and Equipment
    1. Combat Spheres
    2. Grenadier Armor
    3. StarBlades
    4. The Boem
  4. Winged Fate: Starships and vehicles
    1. Racing Capsule
    2. Class-8 Astartian-Starfighter
    3. Arrowback Surveyor
  5. Pawns of Fate: New Metaphysical Templates
    1. Scion of Norn
    2. Astartian Grenadier
    3. Bladesmith of Solace
    4. Fate-Favored

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