Friday, January 6, 2017

Look what our Partner in Crime Rob Garitta Did!

Click da Pic Already!

     Diesel 'bots and aero cars! What's it to you?
     Zaonia was a backwater, a primitive agricultural planet of no importance. Everyone knew that except the Zaonians. Building robot wonders with salvaged brains and antigravity fliers with vacuum tubes was one thing, but bucking the system that kept some planets rich and most poor was another thing. The Zaonians merely faced the Galaxy, but the Galaxy faced Zaonians.
     Zaonia is a diesel punk themed world you can drop into your campaign. The World Guide has notes on the Zaonian system, history, culture and technology with adventure hooks. So throw in with the Zaonians and be a stand up guy/doll or pit your wits aagainst them to make a bundle! The choice is yours.

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