Monday, July 18, 2011

Star Turtle Interiors

That eye-thing in the center? It's an AI!
         It's Monday again, RocketFans, and I've spent most of this weekend cleaning and packing.  When my back would lock up and I'd have a break I worked out some of the details on these interiors.  These two plans together are only Deck One!

          Part of the reason that this thing is so big is sheer physics;  In order to do all of the crap it's original designers intended, the beast had to be huge.  The main reason, however, is part of my dedication to making spacecraft that are good adventure locations in and of themselves, not just plot devices that get characters to the action.  Like last month's offering, the Command Module, this spacecraft is designed with the Spacecraft = Dungeon concept in mind.

Spacecraft = Dungeon is an idea that I've discussed a few times in these posts, particularly when talking about my ideas for space combat.  Using some insights about dungeon design I unearthed on Ye Olde Internettes, I made the Star Turtle's interior according to the following principles:

  • Branches: The interior has three different entrances on two different levels.  Because of their locations (like the main airlock in the pic on the left), The Characters automatically must make choices on which direction to go, not knowing if their chosen path doubles back or dead-ends.
  • Circular Routes: Obviously, there are several circular routes built into the Star Turtle. The central one, around the airlock, has multiple branches, while the command section (above) is a self-contained cul-de-sac that offers multiple rooms off of the main path. Both types of circular plan offer isolated areas in the larger "dungeon" that can be explored before returning to the main branches.
  • Sandbox: Hot off the presses, the Star Turtle is a complete dungeon.  Thanks to the robots and teleoperation, GMs have lockable doors, maze-like conditions, and a small squad of ready-made henchmen available to resist greedy PCs and their nosy-ness.  BTW, a preview of the robots section of Chapter Five in The Black Desert Core Book is available in Issue 2 of D6 Magazine here. It contains stats for the Mk 9 AstroBot, Robotic Cargo arms and basic Anthroids.
      Anyway, that's all I've got today, RocketFans. Enjoy!

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