Friday, July 29, 2011

Star Turtle Officially on Sale!

         Thanks to hard work, late nights, and support from the family, I've been able to get this month's PDF out on time!  I can't tell you all how pleased I am with the new layout.  Thanks to Obsidion Dawn's awesome tech brushes for GIMP, I've been able to really improve on the general look of the book and make something I can truly be proud of.
I love the new look!
          This will probably be the last update for a bit, as well.  As you already know, we're moving, and we've reached a point where we'll be doing all of the furniture and heavy stuff this weekend.  With luck and back-breaking donkey labor, we'll be sleeping in our new house Sunday night.  At some point, the computer will be packed and moved, then at some future point unpacked and set up.  That's about as precise as I can get right now.
          I'm planning on getting some nifties put up on either the OpenD6 Forum or D6Universe soon (or both), and I will be doing an interview for the Cinema6 Blog at some point as well.  The nifties will include stats for the stuff I showed off a few weeks ago, and stats on some of the auxiliary vehicles mentioned in the Star Turtle PDF.

 That's it for now, RocketFans.  Enjoy!

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