Monday, November 14, 2011

Map of Terra: 2210

          I think I've caught whatever gave my darling wife her scorching case of bronchitis.  Since I'm feeling under the weather, I present to you a map of Terra, with the mega-states I've been talking about all of this time.  Hope you enjoy.


  1. It would have been interesting to know the political decisions that would have caused such a shift in borders.

    In my own work, for example, there are 4 major powers (NAGA, the European Alliance, Eurasian Dominion and GEACoPS), 4 minor ones (SAC, NAU, MEC and PRSSA) and a multitude of minor states no one cares about.

    The North American Government and Administration (NAGA) controls the entire north american continent, all of central america north of the Panama Canal and all of the nearby islands. The only terrestrial border disputes it has are with the SAC; they enforce a DMZ all over South Panama with drone patrols and airstrikes.

    The European Alliance is composed primarily of the core nations of Europe, its borders officially ending in present-day Germany, Poland, Austria and Greece to the east. The Scandinavian peninsula is contested territory between the Alliance and the Dominion, its claim to Gibraltar is disputed by the NAU and the island of Cyprus has been claimed by the Alliance, the Dominion, the NAU, a faction that wants it to be an independent state and a Turkish nationalist group operating out of the MEC.

    The Eurasian Dominion's borders echo those of the old Soviet Union's. In addition to its border disputes with the Alliance, the Dominion frequently (and unofficially) harasses the northern parts of the MEC (specifically present-day Afghanistan, Turkey and Iran), and has laid claim to Mongolia and the Kuril islands, which has only earned GEACoPS's ire.

    The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (GEACoPS) maintains its land borders as present-day China, India and North Korea, and lays claim to all of Asia within these borders, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand and all surrounding islands. Its only border disputes are those imposed by the Dominion.

    The South American Confederation (SAC) contains all of South America south of the Panama Canal. Its only border disputes are with NAGA.

    The North African Union (NAU) contains all of the African continent north of the Sahara Desert's southern boundary (except for Egypt). Other than the Gibraltar and Cyprus issues, the only border dispute the NAU has is periodic, small-scale territory grabs by local warlords in the Sudan region, which remains a point of contention between the NAU and the PRSSA.

    The People's Republic of Sub-Saharan Africa (PRSSA) lays claim to all of the african continent south of the Sahara Desert, as well as the island of Madagascar. The only border disputes the PRSSA have are with the NAU.

    The Middle Eastern Coalition (MEC) is an alliance of city-states throughout present-day Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Territorial disputes include the constant attacks by the Dominion and the Cyprus issue.

    Okay, that went on a lot longer than I anticipated, but there you have it.

  2. Hello! Who or what is Pacifica? I don't remember that one.
    Nice looking map Ray. I look forward to more and seeing the various orbital paths and their habitats.
    Also, feel better soon. I just got my butt kicked by the strep bug for several days.

  3. Pacifica was mentioned briefly in the Paladin PDF. All international boarders on Terra were established through the Treaty of Mars that officially ended the Great Space War. More details on the specific nations on Terra will be revealed in The Black Desert Primer, available on the first of December.


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