Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vesperides Officially on Sale!

        Aaaand we're done!  It's almost feels strange to be publishing again, but it's nice to be back to work.  I wish I had some time to relax, but with the Primer coming out on the first and our first Core Rule Supplement coming out just two weeks later, I have a lot on my plate and don't wanna get behind.  Besides, I'm hoping to have my new, secret Black Desert project ready for the new year.

        Anyway, hope you all had a fun weekend.  Enjoy the rocket!


  1. Just downloaded it. Looks sweet.

  2. And a follow up - will you be creating Classic D6 stats for the other BD ships? And will there be Open D6 stats as well?

  3. Open D6 stats will require more research, but Classic D6 stats will come out in the space combat supplement for all previous spacecraft.

  4. Coolness. Now I just need to motivate my old D6 gaming buddy.


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