Monday, May 14, 2012

Service Deck Done!

       Here is the finished Service Deck for the Allie B. Clockwise from the top:  One of the main free electron lasers, in a spinal mount running the length of the spacecraft; One of four emergency shelters, capable of housing up to ten people apiece; one of four electrolyzer housings that convert the water in the massive, outboard into hydrogen for the sails and oxygen for the torch; the FCR, and back on around.  There is an airlock deck one deck forward, and another service deck forward of that that is identical with the exception of having life support equipment and consumables storage in place of the Emergency Habs and the FCR. 

       Anyway, I'm also working on finishing the spar decks, which are close to being done.  It's nice to actually have ideas coming in again, and to be able to keep working.  Hope you enjoy! 


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