Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Space Station WIP

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       This is a mock-up of the space station I'm detailing as part of my d6 Magazine article for the next issue.  If you recognize some of the pieces in this drawing, I'm not surprized; with the exception of  the sheild at the top (with its checkerboard of radiators) the entire station is made up of pre-existing map elements used in my various deck plans over the years.

        This is a tiny station, which is basically a truck-stop for intra-orbital traffic.   In The Black Desert, propellant is typically stored as simple water, then electrolyzed in to oxygen and hydrogen as needed.  Because the power and mass requirements for such a system are rather high, specialized stations exist to re-fuel spacecraft instead of having every private station in orbit need to install the equipment.

        Anyway, the article itself will only have a bit of info on the station; the station itself will be released as its own PDF around the same time.  Work continues... 

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