Sunday, July 19, 2015

Frigate Division, DESCON 15

Pictured: The second Frigate Division of Destroyer Constellation 15, comprised of Jovian-class Frigates  GCS Ananke (FG-612), GCS Metis (FG-6 16), GCS Almathea (FG-605), and GCS Callisto (FG-604), escorting Copernicus-class Cruiser GCS Nikola Tesla (CS-1856) to Spacebase Rho during the Zangid War.  Cruisers of the Copernicus-class often served as flagships - and de facto tenders - to Destroyer Constellations and flotillas of Frigates like the Jovians.  A division of four Frigates has more beam banks,  as many torpedoes, and more shuttle ships than a Cruiser, all while needing less crew and generally costing less to build and maintain.  These "tadpole schools" of Frigates and their magazines of Ion Torpedoes are credited with giving the Galactic Confederation a strategic advantage in the latter years of the war.

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