Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Book in the Works!

That's right, RocketFans, Blue Max Studios' first actual published offering in nearly three years getting ready for post-production.  The initial draft has been written, and the project is set to be available in the next month or two. Ta-da!

The up-coming book has several firsts for a Blue Max Studios offering.  For one thing, it's the first book produced for another company's game.  As I mentioned a while ago, I  aquired a licence to publish materials for the second edition of Starships & Spacemen.  This book is the first product to be produced under that licence:  The ABCs of Space Opera Vol. 1: A-L.

The next first for us is that this is an OSR product.  I'm excited to become part of the movement to keep older games alive by providing, quality products for the Old-School Revolution.  This style of gaming, particularly resource management and the delayed gratification inherent in the XP and leveling rules  is something that just seems to naturally pair well with the mythos of Original Trek that is one of the main sources of inspiration for S&S.

The most significant first for Blue Max Studios on this project is that I'm not the author.  You may recall that I mentioned in my praise of nano-fic on different blogs the work of Rob Garrita on his website Twilight of the DM.  I was, in fact, so impressed with his work that when Rob suggested we work on a book together, I jumped at the opportunity.  It's been a fun process.  There's something almost magical about the creative interplay between two people who feed off one another's ideas to come up with material that neither would come up on their own.  It's also been nice to just concentrate on artwork and the layout and editing processes, rather than doing so after hours and days writing.  Haveing two sets of eyes on the project can only improve the production values, so expect good things...

Here is just a sample of some of art I've been producing for the book. Hope you enjoy!

Well of course they have heat radiators -
this is me  we're talking about...

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