Friday, October 16, 2015

My Back Door...

So...yeah, that happened.

Our home is a trailer built in 1993.  Before it was sold by the original owners, they spruced up the place as cheaply as possible - "flipping" it, in other words.  Among other things, they replaced the back door with a standard one from a big box store.  The thing is, trailer walls are too thin to hang standard doors in without extensive modification.  Long story short, the door didn't fit and consequently leaked every time it rained.

It rains a lot in southern Alabama.

So, when we decided to replace the damage door molding, we discovered the sub floor was rotted out.  And the associated insulation.  And the cross beams.  And the wall studs.

This has led to the eight-by-eight foot hole in our home you see above.

I mention this to explain where I've been and what I've been doing lately, as well as explain why our upcoming book, Technical Readout: Fighters is delayed.  Hopefully, the book will go live on the 24th, but honestly I cannot guarantee a date right now.

...Forecast calls for rain in a few days, and it's getting down to 41 tomorrow tonight.  So, I gotta go.

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