Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What's Out Now and What is Yet to Come

While the White Star compatible version of Technical Readout: Fighters was published on time, it lacked a cover.  The Open D6 version had even more growing pains, and did not get released until this afternoon.  But that's all in the past, everything is out now for sale.

Of course, both versions were available to my Patreons since the 23rd, for half the cover price of one of them.

Just sayin'.

Anyway, This post is about the future of Blue Max Studios and what we have in store for you.  If you are a fan of the White Star RPG ( and according to, a lot of people are, the book has been in the top five since it came out in March) then you are in luck.  My wife, author Debra McVay, is interested in developing a new product line with me we're calling Species Spotlight.   These will be smallish supplements featuring a single alien species, a single class for that species, and a spacecraft (with deckplans) used by that species.  We hope to have the first one, Species Spotlight: Abhorrans up for sale as early as next week.  We also have two more already on the drawing board, so the series is off to a great start.
Gratuitous WIP teaser. 

In addition, we're still planning on releasing Techical Readout: Freighters  before the 24th of November.  Like Fighters, it will feature a half-dozen transports for use in either an Open D6 or White Star game.  Beyond that, we hope to offer a Space Opera bundle in December to celebrate a certain movie's premier.

What lies in store for next year?  Probably more Species Spotlights, and I fully intend to release the much anticipated Star Morphs game, for both the Open D6 and White Star systems.  I also want to do my first capital ship deckplans.

But that's all space opera stuff.  Those of you who have been RocketFans for awhile know I can't stay away from Hard SF too long, or I get intellectually constipated.  But that's okay, because I have lots of topic to cover, including finishing Building a Space Navy series, nano-fic for Conjunction and even (gasp) some new designs for Black Desert.

2016 is going to be a busy year for us at Blue Max Studios.  As always, we hope you enjoy.

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