Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nano-Fic: A Gentlemen's Duty (3)

“Hey, Kura?  Got one of those onion pies anywhere?” Ipa Sam had to duck under the arch that separated the galley from the wide passage on the crew deck.  At two meters three, her mane of multi-colored hair nearly brushed the ceiling.
“Uh, yes!” Canto was not smiling. “I do have one tucked away. You’ll have to eat it in your stateroom - Essuru and Mat took a vote.”
Ipa’s nose crinkled when she made a face. “They would.  Speaking of smells, do you think you can work on the filters some more today?  Vakh’s been on me for a month.”
“Of course!” Canto smiled, awkwardly. “But I think our esteemed Master Aboard has other things on his mind-”
“- Which makes him bitch about the little things all the more.” Sam folded her arms across her chest. “It’s not not like that shuttle was original to the Scoundrel anyway.”
Ipa Sam sat down in one of the battered easy chairs in the galley’s attached lounge.  Cano Kura stood at the pass through bar and pretended to be doing something while he looked at her.
Scoundrel’s one of the old Zephyr-class feeder ships.  They standardized the design back when the Empire needed something that could service their helium refineries over gas giants.  The original shuttles were flying wings for atmosphere work.”
“Huh, that’s interesting.”  Canto said. “I’d wondered about this ship when I saw him for the first time.  Zag said he can only land in a pit or in water.”
Ipa nodded. “He isn’t designed to land at all.  But when it comes to skydiving a giant, he’s the best.”
“You seem to know a lot about this kind of ship.  I’d love to hear more - what is it?”
“Oh, sorry,” Ipa stood scrambled out of the dilapidated sofa chair and darted toward the cockpit. “I gotta talk to the girls, I may have found us a job.”
Kura was alone in the galley.
         “Okay, so I’ll just save that pie for later then…”

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