Friday, January 1, 2016

Nano-Fic: The Gentleman Scoundrel (10)

When the launch from the Free Planet Impus Naval Cutter was within ninety kilometers of the Free Trader Gentleman Scoundrel, several things happened at once.  The massive trading ship turned it’s nose towards the patrol cutter and began to make a direct intercept.  The Cutter made good on its threat, lighting up it’s four lasers and burning away at the Scoundrel’s meager insulation.  The Cutter’s launch flipped along its long axis to check its velocity.  It seemed like a foolish, suicidal act of defiance.
Until the Gentleman Scoundrel launched its Boat.
The Boat was aimed close enough to directly center on the Patrol Cutter that it could make a vector without a pilot.  While much smaller than either the Trader or the Cutter, it was more than massive enough to obliterate the Cutter long before the warship’s lases could burn enough hull to push the Boat off a collision course.
Naturally, they forgot all about the Gentleman Scoundrel.
The Launch, which did have a single laser mounted to its nose, was no match alone for the Trader’s pair of mirrors and full Capacitors.  It took only a few seconds to burn out the Launch’s laser, leaving the small craft unarmed and alone in orbit.
“Damage report!” Zag had to shout; it was hard to be heard and her ears hurt.
“We’ve got a breach in here and probably in the next compartment as well.”  Sagkal was up and maneuvering a hull patching kit from its position against the wall.
“Hey, Kura, check on the Boss, will you?  It’d be embarrassing as Hell if we survived a naval action and lost the Master to decompression.”
“The name’s Kur - oh.  Sure, be right back.”
“Ruku Mat?  See if you can find out from Ipa how much delta-v we have left.”
There was a small sound from the vicinity of the Navigation console.
“Are you crying?”  The Pilot Zag began to unstrap.
“Um, I hate to interrupt,” Canto looked upon the scene from the hatch of the Master’s Cabin. “But I have unfortunate news.”
The trio were immediately alert.  “Is it Vakh?” Zag asked. “Is he dead?”
“Worse,” said Canto Kura.  “He’s awake.  And he’s accusing us all of mutiny.”
“Oh, Hell…”


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