Thursday, December 31, 2015

Nano-Fic: The Gentleman Scoundrel (9)

“I've lost two pumps already, Zag.” Ipa Sam’s voice sounded thick under the effects of microgravity. “We cannot accelerate any faster. We won't be able to keep this up much longer.”
    “Distress message sent.” Ruku said from Navigation. “Any Imperial forces near the Janus should get it, but they won't be able to do anything to help us.”
    “They can smash these damn locals for us.” Sagkal responded. “We've burned the last of the missiles out. Capacitors for both turrets are charging. That ship out there probably has twice as many lasers.”
    Zag grinned, “If this works, it won't help them. Hey, new soph, How's Vakh?”
    “Name's still Kura.” Canto came to the door that led to the Master's Cabin. “I wouldn't play cards against his luck. He should have a broken neck; as it is, he'll miss...whatever's about to happen.”
    “He strapped down?”
    “On a backboard. Secured to the bunk.”
    Zag nodded. “Then get yourself strapped in. This could be bumpy.”
    The key to Zag Essuru’s plan was actually simple.   The Gentleman Scoundrel, powerful as his engines were, could only move his mass at a single standard gravity - or two, with Ipa Sam in the Pump House on Deck Nine personally nursing the propulsion mass through opposing gravitational fields and repairing the inevitable damage.  The Scoundral could realistically accelerate no more.
    His Boat, at a svelte 130 tons, could accelerate its mass at six gravities.
    The plan that occurred to Pilot Zag Essuru was inspired by her upbringing on a planet similar to this one.  A planet where fossil fuels were in widespread use.  A planet where rockets use boosters, are disposable, and missiles are the primary weapons.

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