Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Nano-Fic: The Gentleman Scoundrel (5)

     “-be that as it may,” Vakh all but sneered, “I would hardly equate the duties of a restaurant manager with the duties of a Ship's Steward. A Hotel manager, perhaps, but – what is this?”  The Ship's Master half-stood in alarm as the deck began to vibrate. The unpleasant sensation of being on a rolling sea while at the same time still made Canto Kura frown for the first time.
    “We've raised ship. We're in the air.”
    “Obviously. Wait here. Do not leave this lounge.”
    Aru Vakh was livid by the time he floated up to the cockpit. “Why under heaven are we in the air! I gave no order!”
    Ruku huddled into herself. “I tried to tell you...”
    “Hostiles on the surface, sir.” Sagkal turned in his oversized chair. “It was lift now or not at all.”
    “Nevertheless, I must be informed first. We still have a local on board!”
    “They have tanks, sir.”
    “Zag Essuru overstepped her authority”
    “And rockets, sir.”
    “Why must I constantly remind you all that I am Master of -”

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