Friday, December 18, 2015

Nano-Fic: The Gentleman Scoundrel (3)

Canto Kura had numerous faults, from a certain point of view. He smiled too easily, stood too proudly erect, and spoke in a manner that was far too relaxed, in the mind of Aru Vakh.
    “The first order of business,” Vakh said, “is your Certs. Unless they are current to at least Imperial standards, there's little point in continuing the interview.”
    Canto smiled yet again and produced a plastic card from his shirt pocket. He was far from elegantly dressed, but even in plain clothes the man managed to look sharp.
    Vakh took the card with a sniff and examined it. “Janoi certification?” Such accreditation allowed its bearer to practice anywhere accessible by a Janus, which was essentially anywhere a ship could travel.
    “Yes, sir. I was in the Diocese Navy briefly.”
    “Did military life disagree with you, Kura?”
    “I was discharged after an injury, sir.”
    “I see.” Aru Vakh leaned back in his chair at the First Class dining table. The fact that lounge – indeed, the entire passenger deck – was empty was not lost on Canto Kura. Unfortunately.
    “The realities of private enterprise mean that many of a ship's crew must perform in multiple positions.” Vakh began. “For example, a ship's Medic is rarely needed, but nonetheless required by Janoi shipping regulations.”
    “Which would leave said Medic plenty of time to act as Steward to any First Class passengers aboard.” Canto finished the line of reasoning with another smile.
    “Yes,” Vakh scowled, “exactly.”
    The door to the lift tube opened with an unnecessary hiss, getting the attention of the two men.
Vakh's Navigator, a slight and timid female, floated out of the tube and onto the deck with a slight stumble.
    “Uh, excuse me, Captain?”
    “Ruku Mat,” Vakh said, “I have given explicit orders not to be disturbed during interviews.”
    “But, sir-”
    Very explicit.”
    “Yessir, but -”
    “Get out, Mat.”
    The young lady disappeared into the lift with a squeak.
    Vakh sighed and absently smoothed an eyebrow. “Where were we?”
    “I believe you wanted to know if I had any experience with taking care of guests.” Canto Kura offered.
    Do you?” Vakh asked.

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