Saturday, December 26, 2015

Nano-Fic: The Gentleman Scondrel (6)

     Canto heard the word even two decks away, and didn't hesitate to throw himself down. The entire ship, some 1400 tons, moved several meters starboard. Canto rolled painfully into the dining area's anchored chairs but avoided serious injury. Old skills, practiced until they reached the level of instinct, began to make themselves felt. A glance around the passenger deck had shown that the ship's infirmary was across from where he had stood for his interview. He crawled across the deck, mindful of more sudden shifts, until he reached the sealed hatch. Canto stood and slid inside, one hand on the safety handle next to the hatch. It took only a moment to find the intercom, a moment more to signal the
    “Deck three: No damage, no casualties.”
    Canto heard an unnaturally deep voice. “Who's that? Wait - You the new Medic?”
    “I suppose I am. Seeing as how we’re in the air and all-”
    “-Then grab a bag and bounce up here, we've got wounded.”
    Master Aru Vakh had neither been strapped in nor braced when the Gentleman Scoundrel was hit. The slight man had been tossed like a rag doll into the viewport above the control stations and came to rest in a crumpled heap between Sagkal and Ruku.
    “Hey, Zag, you're in command.” Sagkal spoke into the intercom.
    “Then where the Hell's my damage report?” She demanded.
    Ipa Sam joined the conference on the intercom. “We took a hit in the cargo bay. The gastights are locked between decks 4 and 9. I'm cut off down here for now, so I can't assess the damage. We may have a fuel leak.”
    Canto tuned out the chatter. These sophs would either fix the ship or wouldn't; they would either be shot out of the sky or they wouldn't. Canto had no control over these things, so he put themout of his mind. Master Vakh was unconscious and bleeding. This Canto could do something about. He put on gloves and began working. 

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