Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nano-Fic: Gentleman Scoundrel (2)

“Halt! Who goes there?”
    The voice blared through speakers on the outside of the Gentleman Scoundrel. They addressed a young man that stood on the upper deck of the landing pit – already twelve meters off the ground – and stared
at the massive Trader before him. Enormous bay doors stood open, exposing the interior of acavernous cargo space some four storeys tall. Mechanical cranes continued to load containers into the
guts of the ship. But there were no porters, no dock hands, and no officials from the starport present.  With the exception of Kura, the landing pit was deserted.
    “Up here,” The speakers blared again.
    The young man craned his neck up to see a small glassed-in cabin fifteen meters over his head. He could just make out a waving arm behind the glass.
    “Just talk normal; I got a mike aimed at you.”
    “Uh, Canto Kura – here to interview for the Ship's Medic position?”
    “You're late,” The voice almost sounded amused.
    “I barely got past the XT line. There seems to be a riot or something at the gates-”
    “Whatever. Lift tube's on the aft bulkhead. Head up to Three; the Boss is waiting.” The owner of the voice, Ship's Pilot and First Mate Zag Essuru, switched off the exterior comm and leaned back in her seat
on the Quarterdeck. Riot at the gates?  Zag tuned her console into the Port Authority’s main band, and received nothing but static.  Switching to the intercom, Essuru called the crew deck.
“Mat, Sagkal, somebody get eyes on the XT line, would you?” There was a brief acknowledgement, far too high-pitched to be Sagkal, and then silence.  Zag Essuru was not inclined to fret, but neither was she patient.
The same squeaking voice sounded on the intercom a few moments later.  “Uh, Zag?  We’re gonna want to leave soon...there’s something serious going on.  Like, tanks serious.” 

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