Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Nano-Fic: The Gentleman Scondrel (7)

     Ipa Sam wiped water from her eyes and considered her options. The water was not falling from her sopping hair; it was pooling and breaking, like oversized beads of sweat. This close to the Drive the paragravity was becoming weaker as Zag increased the acceleration. In the center of the open compartment,  X-mat, the negative mass tha drove the ship, pumped from the upper tanks to the lower, pushing the Scoundrel further into space. The Power Deck was surrounded by feed pipes and valves, pressure gauges and pumps. Each one a finely tuned assembly. Each one a potential disaster.
    Ipa looked around and again shooed a ball of water from her brow.             “Well, girls, it's just us for now, isn't it?”

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