Friday, December 23, 2016

Where's the Rules Update for LAUNCH WINDOW? (and other news)

     Let's talk about that.
     For those of you who do not already know, I got sick again right after getting Issue 1 published.  It was another depressing reminder that while the spirit is willing, the flesh is still very much disabled and will crap out at the most inopputune times.  What can I say?  Putting out a 80+ page magazine monthly single handedly may not be impossible, but for someone of my medical conditions, it may very well be unsustainable.
     Not to be deturred, I devoted some thought to the situation between bouts of fever and + blood sugur reading and came up with the following solution:

  •  January's Issue 2 will come out on time and be awesome.  I've decided to take the monthy feature "Starmorphs" and devote the entire issue to it.  It will contain 26 maps, complete with keys and six random tables apiece for your gaming peasure.  The whole thing together was planned as a stand-alone product for $10.00, so getting it for $7.50 as a LAUNCH WINDOW issue is abargain.
  • Since Issue 2 will contain no new rules per se, it will need no rules updates, so I can spend that time catching up on Issue 1's updates.  This way I can keep to my publishing schedule for the magazine without getting any further behind.
  • Starting with Issue 3, LAUNCH WINDOW will be the same length as Issue 0.5 - roughly 50 or so pages, and sell for $5.00 an issue.  I know I can make those monthy even if illness or other douchebaggery happens to upset my schedule.  Print issues, when they come, will be two-issue collections, for a total of 6 100- page print books a year.
  • The subscription deal we have, (one year for $60.00) will now be expanded to include 18 issues for $60.00, to reflect the shortened lenghth.  You'll still be getting each issue for 1/3 off.
  • Patreon pledgers will get the magazine, the separate short stories, and additional behind-the-scenes and bonus materials not available for sale.  These will include prgressive reports on the "Star Desroyer" mapping project
    Anyway, that's where we're at on the magazine for now.  In other news, Christmas is around the corner, my 40th birthday is right after that, and I'll probably be out of touch more or less untill the new year.  So...Happy New Year!

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