Friday, February 11, 2011

Open D6 Magazine #1 !

          It's finally here!  The first issue of the new OpenD6 Magazine is finally live on the Internet!  It includes interviews, editorials, and articles on OpenD6 gaming.  As I hinted at in this blog's very first post, I do indeed have an article in this magazine.  It outlines one of the types of asteroid settlements one may find in The Black Desert, and features the use of Conestoga-rover!  I've had request for maps of a Conestoga settlement, so here you are, free for the downloading!

            I'd also like to thank all of you who have helped make Blue Max Studios the success that it has become by buying our stuff.  I appreciate the support.  I promise that if you keep buying it, I'll keep making it!
            I did also have one of the RocketFans, Strannik, (You know, Strannik, the only person who seems to comment?) ask how he could help get the word out about the Studio and what we do here.  The best way I know of is to tell your friends about us.  On forums, at game tables; word of mouth is really the best advertising there is.  If you've bought one of our products and really like it, you can write a review on DriveThruRPG telling others.  I've gotten several great reviews in the past and they have certainly helped keep me motivated, if nothing else.

           Anyway, I don't have much else for you today, folks; that illness swept through the house, I got it yesterday, my wife missed work today, so we're all pretty gross in here right now.  Hopefully, we will all be better by Monday, at which time I will certainly not be writing a post.  I won't be enjoying myself too much either; I've a EEG, a CT and a full upper- and lower- extremity neurological test scheduled that day.  Yay....

          But I will see you Tuesday.  Happy Valentine's RocketFans!

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