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Spacecraft Spotlight #1: The MaCO

         And here we are RocketFans, for the first installment of Spacecraft Spotlight! This month's article features free content for the Monarch-class Courier.
The MaCO

         The MaCO is the personal spacecraft of a Bothan slicer known only as "Cinnamon"  all records of her real identity have long since disappeared.  Cinnamon sells her services to the highest bidder.  She has been hired to hack corporate mainframes, divert military supply convoys and steal or erase sensitive data.  Cinnamon is politically amoral; prior to the Battle of Endor she helped the Alliance steal Imperial data on military troop movements, and afterworld she has done the same for the Imperial Remnant against the New Republic.

         The MaCO itself is one of the things that makes Cinnamon unique in the galactic underworld.  The MaCO (short for Master Control Override) is a modified Monarch-class Courier ship.  The most obvious modification is the addition of an after-market turret on the forward end of the ships dorsal blister.  The interior changes, however are much more extensive.  The Cockpit has been re-designed to be used by a pair of R3 series Astromechs; the seats have been removed and the flight control yokes have been replaced by droid interface sockets.  The rest of the lower deck is relatively intact, including the flight crew cabins and other amenities. Cinnamon often employs bodyguards and these organics use the accomadations on the lower deck.
          The MaCO's upper deck is much more extensively modified.  The Conference Room in the bow has been refitted as Cinnamon's personal quarters.  The Escape Pod Vestibule has been gutted and fitted out with the ship's life support machinery.  The six Executive Cabins have been filled with high speed computers that Cinnamon uses to ply her illicit trade with the help of another pair of modified R3s.

           The Dorsal Blister on the MaCO houses the ship's weapons systems.  The laser turret is mostly a distraction; it's under powered and designed to keep attackers busy while the ship's main weapons does it's work.  The MaCO's true armament is a high powered Comm array housed in the rest of the Blister.  The Comm can punch through shields with ease.  Once it has established a remote link with it's target, the MaCO's super-computers download a virus into the attacking vessel's computer systems.  This virus takes the target ship's shields and other essential systems off-line, allowing Cinnamon to finish off her prey at her leisure or simply to escape.

            Game Masters can use Cinnamon and the MaCO in a variety of ways. A group of low level PCs can be hired muscle for Cinnamon on one of her missions.  mid- to high-level PCs may want to hire her for some purpose that requires a top-notch slicer.  If the PC ever cross the Bothan or foul one of her schemes, she can make their lives very difficult indeed by erasing financial data, planting false warrants against them, or even outright identity theft.

Star Wars: The Role-Playing Game 2nd Edition stats

Type: Bothan Slicer
Blaster 5D+1, Dodge 5D
Streetwise 6D
Sensors 3D+2
Bargain 4D+2, Con 6D+2
Stamina 2D+2
Computer Programing/Repair 7D, Droid Programing 5D, Droid Repair 5D, Security 6D+1
Move: 10
Size: 1.3 meters
Equipment: Blaster (Dmg 3D), Comlink, Datapad
The  Master Control Override
Craft: Modified Trans-Tech CPT-12 Monarch-class Courier
Type: Executive Courier
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 22.5 meters
Skill: Space Transports
Crew: Up to 4 (skeleton 2)
Crew Skill: Droid Pilots (3D+1)
Passengers: Up 5
Cargo Capacity: 5 metric tons
Consumables: One month
Hyperdrive: x1
Hyperdrive Backup: x10
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 2D
Space: 7
Atmosphere: 350; 1000 kph
Hull: 3D
Shields: 2D
Passive: 10/0D
Scan: 25/1D
Search: 40/2D
Focus: 2/3D
Double Light Laser Cannon (fire-linked)
Fire arc: Turret
Skill: Starship Gunnery
Fire Control: 1D
Space Range: 1-3/12/25
Atmosphere Range: 100-300m/ 1.2km/2.5km
Damage: 3D
Computer Virus
Fire Control: 8D
Effect: Upon a successful attack, the target vessel's computers shut down. The target ship's shields drop and it cannot take any actions for 2D rounds. A Very Difficult Computer Programing/Repair check can restore the target ship's systems.
Cost: Not available for sale

Star Wars: Saga Edition Stats

Cinnamon”                                                                                                            CL6
Medium Bothan scoundrel 6
Destiny 1; Force 2; Dark Side 1
Init +10; Senses Perception +9
Languages Basic, Bothese
Defenses: Ref 19 (Flat-footed 18); Fort 16; Will 20
hp 39; Threshold 16
Speed 6 squares
Melee Unarmed +2 (1d4+2)
Ranged Blaster +8 (3D6+1)
Base Atk +4
Atk Options Precise Shot
Special Actions Gimmick, Master Slicer, Trace
Abilities Str 8; Dex 14; Con 10; Int 15; Wis 12; Cha 14
Talents Gimmick, Master Slicer, Trace
Feats Dodge, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Skill Focus (Gather Information, Use Computer), Toughness, Weapon Proficiency (pistol, Simple weapons)
Skills Deception +10, Gather Information +15, Initiative +10, Perception +9, Persuasion + 10, Use Computer +15
Possessions Blaster pistol, comlink, portable computer, security kit

Master Control Override                                                                                                CL8
Trans-Tech Monarch-class Courier                       
Colossal space transport
Int -3 Senses Perception +5
Defense Ref +6 (flat-footed 12); Fort 22; +11 armor
hp 120 DR 15; SR 25; Threshold 72
Speed fly 16 squares (max. velocity 1000 km/h), fly 4 squares (starship scales)
Fighting Space 12x12 or 1 square (starship scale); Cover total
Base Atk +0; Grp +32
Abilities Str 34, Dex 14, Con -, Int 14
Skills Initiative -3, Mechanics +5, Perception +5, Pilot -3
Crew 4 (droids); Passengers 5
Cargo 5 tons; Consumables 1 month; Carried Craft none
Hyperdrive x1 (backup x10), navicomputer
Availability Illegal; Cost Not available for sale

Light laser cannon (1 gunner)
Atk +5; Damage 3d10x2

Computer Virus
Atk Use Computer +25 (or character's Use Computer skill +10) vs. DC 30
Damage special: Upon a successful attack, the target vessels computers shut down. The target ship's shields drop and it cannot take any actions for 2d6 rounds. A DC 30 Use Computer check can restore the target ship's systems.



  1. Cool ship, I may use her in a future campaign.

    Speaking from the D6 side of things I would give her a much better Senosr package with geater range. This ship is meant to zero in on a target vessel then use it's virus weapon to disable it. Unfortunatly the current sensor package has such a limited range that many Tramp frieghters and most capitol ships would see it coming and open fire on it long before The MaCO would evensee them. I would suggest fittg it out with a senosr suit from one of the Scouts ships listed in Galaxy Guide 8 Scouts. The Lone Scout or Sky Blind or MRX-Pacifier for example.

    The details on the Virus weapon should be expanded on a little more. Is the "gunner" using his/her computer prog/rep added to the 8D fire control? Or is it added to a communications roll? Or is it added to the Starship weapons roll? Also what is the range of this weapon in spatial units?

  2. Roll the Computer Programming/Repair Dice Pool. Range is the same as starship communications ranges, which is why I didn't add a range. The MaCO can strike at an extremely long range.

    The sensor thing...I dropped the ball on that one. Substitute the sensor stats for a Y-Wing Longprobe. Cinnamon had them installed as payment for doing a job for the Alliance.


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