Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zhang Qing Officially on Sale!

         Yay!  It's another month finished here at the Studio, and once again I get to take a day and not worry about spelling or grammar.  I is happy!  Actually, I'm going to be playing Superdad all day, as all three of my kids have pink eye at the moment.  And attitudes.  Oh well...

          Anyway, look for some free content for the Zhang Qing right here by Friday or Monday at the latest.  After that, I hope to get some artwork for the next Starships of the Galaxy supplement ready to unveil.  And remember, the first issue of the D6 Magazine is out, and my article therein is full of info on the Conestoga rover.  Did I mention it's free?

          Other than that, RocketFans, I got nothing.  I'm getting some rest.  See you tomorrow!

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