Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I've Fallen in Love with D6 Again

     ...Not that I ever really fell out of love with what is my favorite gaming engine ever.  I haven't been showing it much lately, but that was more of a business decision than a personal one.  White Star and The Black Hack have, between them, bracketed the SF OSR market of late as much as they have the color spectrum.  I've been writing products for these systems, and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
     Another reason I stopped producing for D6 is, ironically enough, the D6 Star Wars fandom.  And not because it's getting smaller, but because it's bigger and better than ever.  The number and quality of the fan-produced books for Star Wars D6 not only have higher production value than what I can do, seeing how I have to own the rights to all the art before I can sell, but books such as the new REUP core book and the books produced by Womp Rat Press are better than what West End Games could put out in the Nineties.  How's an indie producer like me to compete?


     Let's be honest here; I didn't star writing RPG books for D6 because I thought it was a smart business decision.  I started writing D6 books because I was a fan and had always wanted to.  I love D6.  I think it's one of the easiest systems to learn, and in my experience, it's the easiest system to run. Therefore, I have decided to start writing for D6 again.

Some of our future products will include a collaboration with Rob Garitta on a version of spacecraft creation rules for the Black Hack.  I'm writing the next installment of the Technical Readout series  featuring shuttles, which will be released under OSR as well as D6. In addition, there's the next of our Species Spotlight books, with will feature a race of ghost faced killers called the Sung.  But those are our smaller projects; There are two pretty major ones in the works that as well.

     Our next major title will be Opposing Force: Alternate Rules for Metaphysics for Open D6.  In this book, we'll provide alternate mechanics for those most frustrating of rules (next to the Wild Die, apparently) in the D6 System.  In addition to a new system for using Fate Points and Powers, the book will have guidelines on creating new Codes to live by, new organizations, weapons, equipment, species and templates.  There will even be new spacecraft, because of course there will.

Project number two won't be available for sale for quite some time, but you'll all get a chance to follow along as I'll be posting regular progress reports.  I will be working on this:

Starphin-class Frigate
Concept Art

This little beauty is a small Missile Frigate/ Pocket Carrier.  It's 180 meters long and 150 meters from the top of the forward fin to the base.  It has six light double turbo-laser turrets, fourteen point defense turrets, and either 24 missile tubes with a hundred and twenty missiles, or a squadron of twelve fighters.  This ship is tiny by space opera standards.  By mapping standards, it is a mammoth project as the spacecraft is a hundred and twenty tactical squares long and has fifty decks.  I plan on making these plans as detailed as possible.  this will require some serious research on the design of the weapons turrets, engines, life support system and landing gear.  Like I said, this will take a good bit of time.  The good news is, I'll be posting the works in progress on the blog.
   Anyway, that's what's going on with Blue Max Studios for now.  Our next several posts will involve showing off our work, so stay tuned, RocketFans!


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