Sunday, July 24, 2016

Starphin Treaty Frigate 029 Deck

     It's another Monday, RocketFans, and we have a new deck for the Starphin-class Treaty Frigate ready to show off!  Before we get to that, I'm gratified to report that the Blue Max Studios blog has had it's most popular week ever!  Thanks for your interest, everybody, it means the world to me.

    But now we deckplan.
029 Deck:  Upper Turbolaser Capacitors
     Forward of the central lift we have the upper tuborlaser monitor room, which regulates the power flow from the hypermatter reactor below decks to the pair of massive capacitors on this deck.  On either side of the monitor room are two droid corrals that hold a pair astromechs apiece.  They have access to the port and starboard surge protector compartments, with are bathed in the orange glow from the capacitors.  The surge protectors help regulate the power levels from reactor to capacitor, and from capacitor to turbolaser.
     The central lift opens aft into a maintenance corridor that offers ladder access to the deck above and below.  The corridor is bisected by an open shaft that allows the power, collant and other utility pipes to run between the turbolaser support decks.  A retractable catwalk crosses the pit to the corridor beyond.  The after corridor opens into the port and starboard thermal regulator compartments, which is a fancy way to say the heatsinks and radiators just aft of the capacitors.  Each compartment has a monitor station and offers access to this deck's escape pods.  The escape pods each can hold a half-dozen crew, but it's rare that these upper decks are so populated.

     And now for an admission, RocketFans:  I was not happy with the 030 Deck I posted last week.  So, always the perfectionist, I brought the GIMP back out and modified it.  I am much more please with the results.  See for yourself:
New and improved!

      I mainly added some shading to give the map some depth, and I changed the colors around a bit.  the biggest change is omitting the orange on the hyperwave transceivers and adding the radiator piping aft.  There are also a pair of R1 operating on the deck now.  The blue one, R1-K5 or "Arcs" has had quite a career over the years.  We'll find out more about him later this week.

      Hope you all enjoy the maps!  If you do, and all the other articles you see here, consider making a small pledge to our Patreon.  Every bit helps me keep making maps, game supplements and other goodies for my RocketFans!

It'll be your good deed for the day!

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