Friday, July 29, 2016

Starphin Treaty Frigate 028 Deck

   Ugh!  I've been trying to get blog posts out all week and all week I've run into delays and issues.  Debra's work schedule has been such that she hasn't been able to help me develop next post for our series on Alternate Metaphysics for Open D6.  The next section deals with codes, creeds, and how to get back your Fate Points once you use them, so it's pretty important.

    In addition to that, I've been working on some more maps for use in SF games and campaigns,  after running a brisk poll over on Google+, the majority have asked for a hidden rebel base map.  I began work and immediately bit off more than I chew:

It's like, Echo Base big...
     And those fighters you see?  I had to skin those in Wings before I pasted them in:

Not to brag...

     But despite all of this, I did finally manage to get the 028 Deck arranged in a fashion I can live with.  Let's have a look, shall we?

The fabled 028 Deck

Okay, to start with, the forward nose of the deck is indented because this is the uppermost deck of the upper targeting sensors, which run down to the 022 deck. The deck is bisected fore to aft by the first- and second- resonance chambers, where the energy from the capacitors and the gas from the two pair of tanks aft blend into laser-y goodness.   The pair of capacitors above on the 029 deck feed into the inner-most pair of resonance chambers, and a matching pair of capacitors below feed into the second-stage chambers.
     The open shaft from above continues down past this deck and offers some of the only access to the aft spaces and the gas tanks.  Each tank has an emergency bleed-off tank to handle pressure issues, as you do not want your lasing medium venting into an open compartment.
     The most distinct features of the 028 Deck are the pair of turbolaser turrets on either side. While the energy feeds and laser beam optics get all the fame, the majority of the volume and mass of a laser system is its cooling machinery.  Four pair of coolant tanks sit in this deck, and feet pipes around both resonance chambers and the turrets themselves.  In the forward-most compartment of this deck, like the others, is a monitoring room.  This one not only keeps tabs on the high pressure gas feeds, power levels and temperature of the lasers, the compartment serves as an auxiliary fire control station.

     I'd like to add more, RocketFans, but this was literally all the time I could spare today.  Anyway, if you like what you see and want to help me make more awesome game maps and deckplans, don't forget to drop by my Patreon and sign up!

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