Saturday, August 6, 2016

Starphin Treaty Frigate 027 Deck

     (sigh) Another week in which I've been too busy to make a proper post here at the Blue Max Studios blog.  Part of the reason is that I've been in the beginnings of editing and layout on Rob Garitta's first solo book, the Hawking Class Scout.  Expect this book to come out sometime between the tenth and fifteenth of the month.

     Another reason that I haven't posted just yet, is that I had this map to finish:

     This map is part of the new work I've been doing to provide top-quality maps for SF gaming.  I'm hoping to be able to provide these free and rely on my Patreon account for support.  As it stands, I'm still having to divide my time between this kind of work and more mundane chores.   But I'll keep making maps as often as I can.

     Anyway, this post is about the latest deck of our Starphin-class Treaty Frigate.  This is the 027 Deck:

     At first glance, the 027 Deck has features in common with the two decks above.  In the after compartment are a pair of escape pods and radiators for the second-stage capacitors to the upper pair of turbolasers.  The forward two bays are filled with pump machinery linked to the coolant reservoirs above.  The pair of pumps are monitored with a matching pair of monitor consoles. 

     In the forward central compartment we see something different. The Forward Gun Director station is located here, and is responsible for prioritizing targets and keeping track of the entire forward fire arc of the spacecraft.  The information gathered by the forward targeting array, which extends down to the 022 Deck, is first sorted and prioritized in the Gun Director room before being sent in a more organized fashion to the CIC below.  The responsibilities of a Gun Director are many and varied on any warship, but on a carrier - even a pocket carrier like the Starphin - the job become exponentially more difficult as the movements of a dozen friendly fighter craft must be tracked and accounted for when in battle.  Losing your starfighter forces to friendly fire is an embarrasing yet unfortunately frequent problem without expert fire control.

     I hope you enjoyed this week's maps and I look forward to making more.  In other news, my wife Debra and I are collaborating on a new project that I hope to announce sometime after the release of the Hawking.  I'm bursting with excitement about this new project, so If at all possible I'll announce it even sooner.  Anyway, I'm hoping to get some more posts out next week.  Until then, RocketFans!

Help me make you more awesome maps!

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