Friday, August 12, 2016

New Book Coming Out!

     Again, it's the end of the week, RocketFans, and this is the only post we're making.  However, this week it's because we have a new book coming out Monday and have to hustle to get everything ready for publication.

     This book is diferent from our other offerings for a couple of reasons.  First, It's the first Blue Max Studios book to be written and drawn completely by someone else.  Rob Garitta, whom I've collaborated with many times before and recently got the coveted Atomic Rockets Seal of Approval, is the author and artist.  Secondly, this is the first book we've published under the Cepheus Engine, which is a 2D6 system compatible with  Classic SF games set in the Far Future.  You know the one.

    As for the layout and design, this book hearkens back to the earlier days of Blue Max Studios' publications, with the blue-on-blue, immersive narrative, and futuristic interior art.  But while the earlier books in our inventory had some few growing pains, editing and layout on this one has been fairly smooth by comparison.  It's easier on the other side of the learning curve, believe me.

     Anyway, this book will go like of the 15th, which is Monday, and be sold for $5.00.  Look forward to it.
     Now, I did manage to get one map done this week.  This is a Smuggler's Den/ Rebel Base.  Hope you enjoy!

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