Friday, August 19, 2016

Guest Review of Hawking Courier.

     Winchell Chung, Jr., who, in addition to being founder of my favorite website, Atomic Rockets, is the artist behind such SF gaming icons as the Annic Nova and the OGRE, has this to say about our latest offering:
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Review: Ships of the Galaxy: Hawking Courier
I've read a few Traveller ship supplements in my time, but this is something special.

Most such supplements are all the same. Deck plans, list of ship stats, brief description of each of the various rooms, short blurb about the ship's use. Maybe if you are lucky there will be a scenario or two.

While the Hawking Courier supplement has all that, it has two other items that caught my eye.

The first was some nice 3D orthogonal views. This is invaluable to get an idea of how the decks line up in real space. Conventional supplements just give you the overhead view and expect you to stack the levels in your head.

But the true gem is Mr. Slider.
Who is Slider you ask? Well, the supplement is actually a file captured in a Cluster fleet raid on a pirate haven asteroid. It started out as a dossier on Hawking class couriers. But some pirate named Slider annotated the file with handy hints and warnings for any pirates who are attempting to capture one of these ships.

These notes were written with the typical +Rob Garitta eye towards details and implications we have come to expect from his Twilight of the GM blog. Most of Slider's observations are non-obvious but blindingly clear once they are pointed out (you'll be doing a lot of "why didn't I think of that?").
They are not just pirate tactics, some are common booby traps Hawking ship captains install in self defense. All the notes are invaluable for a game master who wants ideas and inspirations to make their player's lives more entertaining.

     High praise indeed.  I'm proud to have helped bring this book to life.  Again, you can get it here.

You can get it for free here.

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