Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Thoughts on (Not) Making a Core Book...

         I've only received input on the idea of creating series supplements in lieu a full core book from a single RocketFan, but it has been positive.  To tell the truth, this is an idea my wife had months ago, and I must admit, the idea of releasing monthly or bi-monthly info on The Black Desert is more in keeping with my current work flow.  In short, it seems like a good idea so far.

         Many of you may be wondering just what such a series of supplements would entail.  For one thing, would they be compatible with Classic D6 (a la Star Wars) or would it be more in line with Open D6: Space?  Would they just include setting info or would crunchy rules be involved as well? Would these little books be worth the money?
         That all depends, I guess.  As for the "fluff" of the BD setting, I think that it should be included in all the supplements, as least a basic version.  The time-line will go in everyone, for example.  As for the rules they will be compatible with...Honestly, I'm thinking of using all of them.  Hear me out; I will include the current drafts of the BD6 rules system currently in development, with appropriate parts also repeated in both Classic and Open D6.  This way, you can play The Black Desert any way you like that involves the D6.

         Confused yet?  Don't be.  It will go a little like this:
          My proposed format for Black Desert supplements will include the time-line and brief info about the setting.  Depending on the subject, species and characters for example, the bulk of the document will be about the BD6 rules for that topic.  In our example, there will be the new species, with lots of fluff about there place in the BD setting, the technical info about the species in the BD6 system.  At the end of each entry, there will be info on the species in Open and Classic D6.  After that, there will be Character Templates in BD, Open and Classic D6.  After that, I'm sure I'll include some Adventure seeds and Hooks for games, because I always do that.  Call it 20 to 30 pages, with the templates and artwork.

The awesome new sheet in question.
          Some supplements will not have so much info.  The Basics and Skills supplement won't have so much for Open or Classic D6, for example, but will include lots of fun stuff for Gamers and GMs wanting new ways to roll up Characters.  The Spacecraft and Combat supplement will not include a redux of all of our deckplans, but it will include revized stats for all of our spacecraft (on an awesome new sheet) as well as Classic and Open D6 stats, which I have recieved requests for.

          The fun part of all of this is at the end of each supplement.  I will be including a survey about the BD6 rules.  Questions about ease of use, ease of understanding, and most important, how they worked in play.  Those of you who complete a survey will receive play-test credit and an exclusive gift. 

          Can't beat that, right?

         Anyway, that's the basic plan; please let me know what you think.

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