Tuesday, October 18, 2011

November Update

Obligatory WIP Shot.
         Just to reassure all you RocketFans out there, I am indeed back in business.  November 1st will see the release of the new Vesperides Rocket, a Brazilian spaceplane that features vertical launch tubes and other refinements.  I've received an awesome review via No Dan's Land, the site of another true believer in the D6 movement, which was very gratifying and just the thing to motivate me to get right back into the groove.  Since I've missed two full months online, the full Core Book release will have to be pushed back.  I'm not happy either.

        On that subject, do we even want a full core book, at least right away?  One of the advantages of working in such a well known rules system as D6 is that you can be playing a Black Desert campaign right now, with nothing but the info I've already released.  That being said, I know that many RocketFans are looking forward to more info about the setting...but not necessarily the rules.

         With all this in mind, would it be more fun for you to get setting supplements to existing D6, such as the available races, templates, and of course the spacecraft, that a full Core Book?  I would have to release a setting guide, that much is certain, but as for the rest, would you rather use the existing rules with a few add-ons, or wait for a full core book?  The more I think about it, the more I fell I may have better luck with a spread of cheap setting guides for D6 than a full Core Book.  I can always put them all together with refinements based on actual play later.

        It's a thought, anyway.  Comments welcome.

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  1. This is Trey. Blogspot is acting weird about my account. Maybe it will work this time. Snarl!

    I'd never considered the idea of releasing supplements for one setting (BD), that can be used with other settings/genres (Transhuman Space, Eclipse Phase, In Flames (and probably more) and maybe rules (D6/D20).

    To my eyes, it offers some advantages - raised awareness, additional playtesters (who spot the errors) and a revenue stream. Plus, maybe, some increased exposure for the final product.



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