Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Organization: The Trinity Group

         The Trinity Group is a multi-national corporation with extensive influence on and around Terra.  The company's main focus is acquiring transportation rights for orbital and interplanetary travel from governments and in the Terra/Luna sphere of influence.  Their corporate lobby is extensive in the United American and Canadian States, where they now handle the majority of shipping.  Privately operated shipping concerns now find themselves mired in layers of red tape as the policies and laws of UACS reflect the desires of The Trinity Group's business strategy.  This trend is now being seen in the mega-states as well, including Brazil and the EurAfrica.
       Off world, many Lunar holdings are either directly or indirectly under the control of The Trinity Group, as well as the Asteroid mining facilities at the Terra/Luna La Grange Points.  While ostensibly relieving beleaguered polities of the need to use taxpayer's funds to run these facilities, the reality is that The Trinity Group runs these colonies for profit at their citizen's expense and still receives many kick-backs and other consideration's from their government contracts. 
       The only non-political entity in the position to challenge The Trinity Group's expansion is the Aerospace Transport Authority.  As an altruistic, non-profit organization, AsTrA's corporate philosophy and mandate is at odds with The Trinity Group's pursuit of profit.  That being said, AsTrA lacks The Trinity Group's influence on Terra and Luna, and for now can only try to block the corporation's expansion to Mars and the rest of The Black Desert.  


  1. OK, they're the bad guys. Do they have any redeeming qualities?
    Who are their largest commercial rivals?
    What government agencies regulate them in the UACS? And how are they being opposed in Brazil & Eurafrica?

  2. The Trinity Group has little redeeming qualities, unless you're a shareholder.
    Commercially, there aren't really any rivals that can match the Trinity Group. It's kind of an umbrella corporation, with companies from all over Terra, that have pooled their resources in order to expand into the realm of commercial trade between between Terra its orbits, and Luna. It's turning into a trust of sorts, with no major companies to cry foul.

    They've practically bought the government in UACS. The Military establishment in Brazil currently controls most of UA's commerce, so they're not keen on The Trinity Group's ambitions. EurAfrica is home of Terra's second Space Elevator, Yggdrasil, and was funded in part by The Trinity Group, which gives them a toehold on the Dark Continent. The Fabber movement is strongest in EurAfrica, so there is not much enthusiasm for the new tariffs and the move to restrict orbital access to Yggdrasil.


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