Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vesperides Graphics Done!

There are two more where this came from
         I got the artwork for November's Ships of the Black Desert supplement finished last night.  It feels good to be back in the groove again.  I'll have this one available for purchase in one week, right on the first.

         December's offerings will be a little different.  On the first, we will see the first of our "Core Book" supplements, The Black Desert Primer.  It will be full of setting info; maps, the revised time-line, a breakdown of the main power groups and organizations, and all that jazz.  This will have little or no crunchy rules bits, so it will be available for free. 

         On the 16th (back to our original schedule!)  We'll be putting out Species of The Black Desert, which will detail the playable races in the game.  It will have AI, NuApes (both Nurillas and Nuanutans), Humans, and Trans-Humans.  The entries for each species will have historical background, cultural, and other fluffy info that gives additional insight into the setting.  This supplement will also have stats for all of the races in BD6, Classic and Open D6, and D20!  I'm excited about this one - I'm finally getting the actual game out there, even it's a little at a time.

         For 2012, we'll be alternating spacecraft deck plans and core rule supplements, each every other month.  This will go on for the entire year, probably, and your comments, surveys and stories from playing with the material will be used to revise the rules in the supplements in preparation for a compiled Core Book that will hopefully be out by next Christmas.  I also have another project in the works for 2012 that involves The Black Desert, and I hope you all like it just as much.

         This is the plan anyway.  Hopefully, we'll be able to see it through.  Anyway, enjoy the rocket, RocketFans!


  1. Maybe blogspot will decide it likes me tonight.

    Congratulations! As a one time would be game designer and writer, I envy you living the dream Ray. It seems unfair the options available to creators now, compared to 20 years ago. Still, take advantage of them.

    So, any ideas on the supplements? Or will that be determined by us on the site?

    Last, but not least, how does the Vesperides differ from the Phoenix and the Paladin? Just curious.

  2. The Vesperides was designed and built as a military craft first. It's most unique point are a bank of twelve vertical launch tubes in the spine. These can launch missiles, deploy troops or even satellites.


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