Wednesday, September 9, 2015

And For Our Next Trick...

Greetings RocketFans!  The last week has been super busy - not with projects, but with illness.  Debra, all of our kids, and myself went through the rounds of flu, and now the house looks like the end of a particularly raucous party I don't remember attending.

My house after the flu.
But I already had plans for the next few installments in Blue Max Studios' inventory, so we are by no means behinds schedule.  In fact, the designs that will be used in these new books have already been done, and that is a huge savings in time.

And yes, I said these books.  As in plural.

The next couple of books were putting out, like The ABCs of Space Opera, are a bit of a departure from our normal spacecraft deckplans.  Instead on one ship being explored in detail, we're releasing a half dozen designs at once.  They don't have deckplans - just stats and some images of the various ships.

We're calling the series Technical Readouts.  Our first books are on fighters.  There will be two releases at the same time; one with OSR stats, suitable for the new White Star  RPG, and one in Open D6, because of course I'm doing stats in D6.  The two books will include six fighter designs and will also include a small hanger battle map.  They will be sold for two dollars each - In order to keep the costs down, the two rule systems will each get their own short book, instead of a five-dollar long book.  This also means that the books will be available to a wider number of my Patreons: the books will be made available to my one dollar patreons as well as my $5+ patreons at no additional cost.   I try to make sure my Patreons get a good deal.

Just because the books are cheaper than our usual fare doesn't mean they're of lower quality.  For one thing, thanks to hitting our first milestone (at $50 a month) I am upgrading my equipment and software!  I've already got a new Wacom tablet to replace my aging one, and I've aquired new desktop publishing software on which to edit and layout our future books.  As for the art, how about we have a sample?

Technical Readout - Fighters will be available for sale on October 16th for $2.00 through the good offices of and  We'll have more updates as the month goes on.

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