Thursday, September 17, 2015

Signed Books for Sale!

Good books, too!  Alister Young, writer extraordinaire and my inspiration behind the idea of doing Nano-fic, has two anthologies from his Eldreverse for sale on Amazon here and here.  I mention this because for a limited time, he is offering to sign copies of said books for only the Amazon price plus additional postage.  You can leave a comment at the links above if interested.

I've read both of these books, and highly recommend them.   Alister has received the distinctive Atomic Rockets Seal of Approval, so you know that the stuff is excellent, but allow me to put my additional $0.02 worth on top of that.  One of the stories, Cosmos and Ethos, was one of the most inspiring things I've read this decade.  Considering this decade is half-over, that's saying something.

Anyway, it's good stuff.  You should take a look.  Pledge to Alister's Patreon, even. 

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