Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The ABCs of Space Opera Released!

98 pages of AWESOME.
Here it is, RocketFans, our first offering in two years!  Coming in at 98 pages, this is also easily the longest book we've ever published. It is twice the size of our next longest book, The Pumpkin-Suit Manual, if that tells you anything.  That's one of the reasons it's a two volume set - after all, it wouldn't do to have a third-party suppliment be longer than the core-book, would it?   Honestly though, we needed the space.  Inside you'll find four new playable races, an entire new class of alien menace, and a new type of spacecraft.  There are also new rules for beam weapons, shields, hybrids and a ton of random tables.   It's ten dollars by itself, but if you want it and all the other stuff we've and all of our future books as well, you can go to our Patreon page and pledge $5.00.  Your choice.

Speaking of which, our Patreon account reached it's first milestone yesterday!  In addition to giving me and my family a much-needed infusion of funds, the reaching of this goal will allow me to upgrade my hardware and software, so the next books we put out should be even better!

You may be wondering, in a rhetorical sort of way, what's next for Blue Max Studios.  Obviously, The ABCs of Space Opera, Volume 2: M-Z are on the horizon.  There are also a lot of ships in the S&S Universe that are just crying out for deckplans.  That being said, I have some other ideas for OSR and D6 suppliments that I'll be talking about in a day or two.  But for right now...I'm taking a day to just enjoy the happy feeling of being back in the game of Gaming again.  See you later!

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